Saturday, November 19, 2011

Package Day

Package day is, of course, involves the BEST kind of package.  And I'm not talking about a package containing tax return forms from the IRS, or my dog's thyroid medication.

 What could it be?

Of course.

The runaway hit of this market season so far has been the Everyday Napkins.  They're piled in 2 big baskets on the table in the front of my booth.  Customers seem to enjoy digging through the baskets and discovering what's in there.

 They're 15", single sided, and just overcast stitched around the edge.  The picture at left is from the original post about my new market merchandise (read it here).

I've been paying attention to what the customers seem to like most, and it's definitely the novelty prints-- pets, food, coffee, that sort of thing. (One customer was looking through them and asked if I had anything more "chef-y".)  Well, a refill of my Novelty Fabric collection was definitely needed.

I had to be careful about pricing when I ordered the fabric.  I figure I get a set of 4 napkins off of 1 yard, with nice usable strips left over for coasters and/or office lunch sets.  And let's not forget the selvage!

I price the napkins at the market at $2 each, or a set of 4 for $7.  For the record, EVERY SINGLE customer that has bought these has gone for a set of 4.  So I figure if the fabric costs no more than $4.50 per yard I have a decent profit for a very quick and easy project that yields not only the finished product but usable leftovers as well.

I love all of these but that retro looking coffee pot fabric on the bottom left is really fabulous (it's "Metro Cafe" by Robert Kaufman fabrics.).

And I didn't forget the pet lovers!  These french kitties were hard to pass up at $3.98/yard!

All of these fabrics came from


  1. is so awesome with their pricing! The napkins sound great! Glad you're having some good sellers out there at the shows.