Thursday, December 29, 2011

Selvage Art

I had an interesting request for a special order from an Etsy customer about a month ago:
Could I make a wall hanging constructed basically as 3 selvage bath mats in a row, with binding and batting like a quilt?

Yes, I can!

I've never done a selvage project on this scale before.  It's 15" wide, and nearly 90 inches long!

Selvage Bath Mat
It was constructed exactly like this "double bullseye" style bath mat, it's just 24 blocks instead of the usual 8.

 Instead of the usual towel back, it has this pretty batik (also used for the binding).  You can see the hanging sleeve also, the first I've ever done!  I was a little nervous that the hanging sleeve might be difficult, or too much like Real Sewing for me, but it was easy (tutorial here

I think it came out neat!  I hope she likes it!


  1. Hi All,

    I'm the very fortunate recipient of this lovely wall hanging. I have to say even though it is very attractive in the photos, the real thing is so much more beautiful. I can honestly say it's a work of art from a very skillful seamstress. The only bad thing is that I find myself staring at it a lot (when I should be doing other things ;-) and walking over to take a closer look because it is that spectacular. What makes it even more special is that Linda has been so lovely to work with and she was so receptive to my custom order.

    Thanks, Linda,