Friday, January 27, 2012

Going Gray

This is not a picture of me
No.  This is NOT going to be a post about my hair.  I'm still, thankfully, fully dark ash blond at age (almost) 48.  OK, there are maybe  a few silver strands if you look really carefully, but that's it.

I'm talking about this type of gray.
Moda Marbles Grey
Moda Marbles Grey

For some reason, I've never quilted with gray fabric.  There's no gray fabric in my stash, some of which dates back nearly 20 years!  Granted, I don't wear it either-- many of you out there with fair skin and blue eyes might agree that it's not a flattering color for us.


I don't wear yellow, either, for the same reasons.  But I quilt with it often.

Well, whatever the reason, sometimes these things need to evolve slowly.

I first dipped my toe in the Gray Pool a few months ago, with this quilt, which used the Sherbet Pips collection (see this post).

This was a great Intro To Gray Fabric quilt, because the other fabrics in that collection are well in my comfort zone (red, aqua, pink)

The addition of yellow fabric was my idea!

OK.  Enough playing around.  Time to Get Serious.

Color themed 9 patches against a dark gray background look super sophisticated!

The original pattern for this quilt showed it with a white background and block centers.  There's certainly nothing wrong with that.  But I like the different levels of contrast against the gray, which don't occur with white.

I like the mix of high and low contrast.

Now on to basting and quilting!


  1. The gray looks great! I've got about 8 yards I've been meaning to do something with... your post is so inspiring :)

  2. Gray is a neutral but not one that I use all that often. I like the way it looks in your quilt. I bet it's a hard fabric colour to find especially when you're looking for that certain shade of it.

  3. No doubt I have some retro '80s grays around here somewhere if you want a blast from the past. VERY nice color work balanced by those grays.

  4. Hi, Linda. Lovely quilt. I love grays, they're so useful when using other colors. Also liked the quilt show--fancy that, the Gerber Baby was there! So fun!
    best, nadia

  5. I don't usually use gray either but your quilts are beautiful! It seems to be the new neutral!