Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quilt Wrestling

Several Quilt Guild friends came over a couple of weeks ago to help me baste the T Shirt Quilt.  I've been busy quilting it for the past few days.

It's big:  82 x 86".  And it's very, very heavy.  Note my trusty ironing board on the left side, to carry the weight of the quilt.

I'm thinking of actually weighing the completed quilt, then weighing a similarly sized regular quilt to compare.  I think there could be a significant difference!

I'm doing the bulk of the quilting in a simple grid pattern.  The wavy decorative stitch is very forgiving, on the OFF chance that the quilt isn't PERFECTLY square and straight (cough).

And what's the deal with that fleur-de-lis fabric in the sashing?  Why, the fleur-de-lis is the emblem of Kappa Kappa Gamma!  (If you've missed the previous posts about this custom quilt, it's 25 blocks of t shirts from that sorority).
Dancing Daisy Collection - Purple

This cheerful floral is on the back.  I saved myself HOURS of time cutting, measuring, and piecing by ordering a single piece of extra wide (108") fabric from Backside Fabrics.  And I'll use the extra fabric that I trimmed off for the binding. I would definitely go this route again for my next large quilt.

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