Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Table Basting

A weekend cold snap made me very, very grateful that this little (36" square) baby quilt could be basted on my dining room table, rather than crawling around on our cold tile floors!

I love the tumbling block die for the Accuquilt!  It makes a quilt like this a total No Brainer.

I've always trimmed the outer edges of these quilts straight, so I can attach a border, like you see on the above quilt.

But today I saw this quilt (below) that Amanda Jean (of Crazy Mom Quilts fame) just completed.  She finished this one with the "turn and topstitch" method that I've always used for bath mats and table fashions, but I've never done a quilt this way. There's of course no binding, but this method preserves the shape of all of the tumbler blocks.  I definitely need to try this!

photo courtesy of Crazy Mom Quilts

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