Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sorting the Stash

A pending task on my To-Do List has been to straighten up my fabric shelves.  After a while, they get so messy that I can't find anything.

I'm about half done.  I find chores like this are best done in small batches, so I've been doing 1 shelf per day for the last few days.

Larger pieces go on the top shelf.  The rest are arranged by color.

Beware of what lurks below!

I have 3 more shelves that need to be resorted and refolded.

Plus, this box of "overflow" needs to be somehow managed.  I'm thinking of taking all of the Christmas fabric off of the shelves and putting them together in the box, thus creating more shelf space for other fabrics.

A tedious job?  Yes.  But I'm also enjoying getting reacquainted with fabric that's been buried for awhile, and it gets me thinking about new projects!

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