Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Handsewn Beauty

You'll recall from my last post how much fun it was to baste Jean's hand pieced quilt here at my house last week.

Here's one more look at all the hard work it took to thread baste that beautiful top and get it ready for hand quilting.

But that wasn't the end to the evening's activities!

Jackie had found herself in A Quilting Dilemma, one that could only be worked out on my big open floor.
Perhaps some of you have found yourself in a similar situation:

She had made this beautiful Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top (also hand cut and hand sewn) for her bed, then found herself buying a new mattress, and the quilt top is now TOO SMALL.  Specifically, the quilt top is now too narrow to fit her bed..

Now, this is not the type of quilt that you can just tack more borders onto and call it done.

So she had made a bunch more of the blocks, and wanted to lay everything out on the floor, mostly to take measurements to see if she had made enough extra blocks (she had).

These blocks are so typical of Jackie's unique quilting style:  a traditional block, hand sewn, but with super modern fabrics.

Yet another spectacular quilt that I can't wait to see finished!

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