Friday, March 9, 2012

I Can't Wait to Try This!

I discovered this method for making scrappy pieced quilt squares and I can't wait to try it!  It looks really easy and really fun!

I love the enthusiasm of the host of this video.  She says several times how wonderful this method would be for baby quilts.  I quite agree, but why stop there?  I think it would make a fantastic quilt of any size.  She uses precut strips for the video, but I might cut my own strips and make this an Awesome Stash Buster

This technique came from the quilting gurus at 3Dudes Quilt Shop in Phoenix.  Check out their website  for lots more free patterns and more quilty fun stuff.


  1. thanks for bringing this tutorial to my attention.

  2. The MSQC has some great tutorials. I had not seen this one before. thanks for highlighting it here for us! Congrats on your quilt win at the selvage blog!

  3. I understand some huge congratulations are due!

    Congratulations on your HUGE win! I'll have to come back when you tell us all about it :0)

    Happy Sewing