Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm a Winner!

We've all entered quilting giveaways, right?  A blogger offers up a nice collection of fabric, or a maybe a book, you leave a comment on the blog post and someone wins.  I've entered 42,385 of these (that's my best guess) and never won anything.  That's ok, because I love reading blogs and writing this one!

Well, remind me to buy a lottery ticket this week.  I'm feeling pretty darn lucky.  I had a Spit-Your-Morning-Coffee-All-Over-The-Keyboard moment this morning when I found out I had won.  And Won Big.

photo courtesy of The Selvage Blog

If you read The Selvage Blog you know that Karen put together this quilt using strips sent to her from quilters all over the world!  She invited quilters to send her 1.25" strips, sewn into 55" lengths, and then she put the whole thing together and quilted it.  She christened it The World Quilt, and held a giveaway.

And now it's going to be mine.
I'm completely overwhelmed.
I'll post more pictures and info about this incredible piece of art when it arrives, which I hope will be SOON!


  1. Congratulations !!!

    What a win ... and what a fun blog you have. I just became a follower. I was reading a few of your posts and I like that your friends come to your home for basting big quilts.

    There's always that one special house where the kids all hang out ... Home Baste !

  2. That quilt is so cool! Congratulations!!

  3. Well Done Linda it's Gorgeous!!

  4. Hi, Linda. Amazing quilt you won, lucky you! Quilters are the most generous group of people.
    best, nadia