Thursday, March 22, 2012

The World Quilt Has Arrived!

Yesterday was a big day.

You'll recall from this post that I was, in a stroke of completely unexpected and inexplicable luck, the winner of The World Quilt, courtesy of the awesome Karen at The Selvage Blog.  She collected 1.25 x 55" strips of pieced fabric from quilters all over the world, then made a quilt out of what she had received.  Then there was the giveaway on her blog, which I won!

I'm still in shock over this.

Yesterday's mail.

I have GOT to get some of that patchwork packing tape!

The quilt was safely wrapped in a plastic bag, with this neat postcard on top.



A few highlights:
Look at the fun pink floral back!  And Karen was kind enough to attach a hanging sleeve.  My husband and I are going to Home Depot tonight to get a dowel and hardware, this is definitely going on our wall.

There's sewing fabric and The Cat in the Hat, among others!

And the most important part:

I'll post more pictures when it's hung!  In the meantime, a big thank you again to Karen and all of the World Quilt contributors!

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  1. Congratulations on winning the world quilt! It is beautiful!