Saturday, April 21, 2012

Must. Make. These.

I ran across this tutorial from the Naughty Secretary Club blog and was COMPLETELY SMITTEN.

photo courtesy of Jennifer Perkins

Shoes covered with fabric scraps.
I think it was the yo-yo straps that really got me.

I'm assembling supplies to make my own pair.

You start with a pair of plain, Chinese-style shoes.  I got mine from The Pillaged Village.

That lovely bag of little batik fabric scraps came from our orchestra's music librarian, who is paper piecing a quilt and promised me her scraps.  Thanks Ella! I think they're going to be perfect for this project!

I certainly have plenty of yo-yos!

photo from
The only thing I'm missing is Fabric Fusion glue, which I have ordered from Amazon.

photo courtesy of Jennifer Perkins

What fun!  I can't wait to try this myself.  Many thanks to Jennifer at The Naughty Secretary Club for this fun tutorial!

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  1. Oooh, I love projects like this. They finish faster than quilts!! Can't wait to see what your's look like with batiks. Are they supposed to be totally different from each other? Thanks for sharing the tutorial site.