Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ready to Baste and Quilt!

The fun strip pieced quilt from The 3 Dudes is ready to baste and quilt!
See this post for background on this quilt and a link to the video to learn how to make your own!

It certainly vibrates with color.

It was a little too long and skinny with just the blocks, so 5" borders just on the sides balances things out.  It's now about 50 x 70", a nice size lap quilt.

Here's the back.  I ironed all of the seams open, which saved me the trouble of having to decide which way to iron when piecing the blocks together.

And as you can see, I ended up with triangles, which meant LOTS of stretch and bias when sewing the rows  together.  That made things a little bit wiggly at times.  But it also meant that I could simply push and pull the blocks until the seams lined up.

A mere hour or so after my last post about this quilt, Elizabeth from Pieceful Life left a comment that she's making a quilt using the same method!

photo courtesy of Pieceful Life

Nicely done Elizabeth!

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