Friday, May 11, 2012

A Little Sewing Time

Whew!  The last few weeks of the Florida Orchestra's season have been an absolute whirlwind of rehearsals and performances.  I keep on reminding myself that it will all be over 2 weeks from tomorrow, then it will be the Long Hot Summer, and I will have lots of time to be (happily) tethered to my sewing machine.

I squeezed in a little sewing time before rehearsal this morning.

  This is my favorite Baby Girl Quilt pattern, and it's been a good seller both at markets and my Etsy store.  I use the Tumbler block die for my Accuquilt Go cutter, which makes it quick and easy.  People buying baby quilts seem to prefer something traditional looking, with bright colors.  And blocks like this are a great way to use up small pieces of fabric.

I also have an interesting custom order in the works.

A customer contacted me through Etsy, and asked me if I could make her a table runner just like this one, but 75" long (the one pictured is 37").

Joel Dewberry Fabric / Heirloom Collection /  CITRINE PALETTE  Fat Quarter Pack Cotton  Quilt  Fabric 13 Total
And using this fabric collection!

Well, talk about making my life easy!  It certainly helps when your customer is so specific about what she wants!

I bought the whole collection (as fat quarter cuts) from Mimis on Etsy, and it arrived earlier this week.

So not only does this customer know what she wants, but she has excellent taste!  I think it's really beautiful fabric.

Looking at the fabric online, I was a little worried about the collection being a little too "medium" toned, which might make the table runner a little flat looking, or a little drab.  But these bright prints will work just fine in adding contrast and interest.

I waited until the fabric collection arrived, then went to Joann's to buy the white background fabric.  As always, matching whites proved to be a challenge.  I'm calling this shade not Off-White, but WAY Off White.  (I know, it looks completely normal in the picture, but it's just an odd shade in person).  Anyway, I think this white will work just fine with the rest of the fabrics.

I'm looking forward to starting this project!


  1. Hi, Linda. Really cute baby quilt. The fabrics really make the quilt dance! Your table runner is stunningly elegant.

  2. Love the bright and cheery baby quilt and your table runner looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the finished convo table runner in those gorgeous prints. =)

  3. I was wondering if you used 2.5 inch squares for your table runner? My sister in law asked me to make her a table runner but she wants it modern but I haven't ever done anything like that before and came across this when I googled. I think it is perfect. Thanks for your help :)