Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ready to Ship!

The lovely custom table runner that I've been working on for an Etsy customer is completed and ready to ship! (See this post for background on this project).

Long and skinny items like this sure are difficult to photograph!  I assume my customer has a very long dining room table.  I don't, so I hung the table runner on a door to take these pictures.

It's 75" long.

Since this was modeled after the modern table runner in my Etsy store (this one) I quilted this one exactly the same way, in straight lines across the width of the runner, using the edge of my walking foot as guide.

There's a little fancy stitching at the top and bottom edge, just for fun.

And I really love the back, which has the largest scale print from the fabric collection (Joel Dewberry Heirloom in Citrine, which the customer requested.).

More good news:  there's an intriguing pile of leftover fabrics from this project, enough for a dandy little quilt! (I love leftovers!)  

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  1. Gorgeous! Lovely idea on the fancy stitching and backing looks great too. I'm sure your customer will be very happy with the results =)