Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stay Sharp!

I had to face facts:

My scissors take a beating.  And not just from lots of fabric cutting.  There's trimming batting, cutting out fusible appliques, triming the fusible stabilizer for T shirt quilts.  The list of regularly scheduled Blade Beatings goes on and on.

 And let's not forget Special Occasion Sharp Edge Destroyers, like making these cardboard templates for Christmas stockings last summer.

As I mentioned in this post, I absolutely can't  stand tissue sewing patterns.  I'll be glad later this summer when it's time to think about holiday merchandise again, and I can just pull out these rugged templates.  But making them involved a serious amount of cutting through cardboard.

So I'm all excited to be able to share with you a quick pick-me-up for all those dull edges!

   I was struggling to find a local scissor sharpening business when it suddenly occurred to me to research buying my own sharpener.  How much would it cost?

As it turns out, not much.

Less than $10 from!  You can also search for "Fiskars scissor sharpener" on Ebay and find a bunch for sale there.

 And it really works!


  1. Such a cool gadget and sure comes in handy! I'm off to amazon and getting me one too. Thanks for sharing, Linda =)