Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not

Joel Dewberry Fabric / Heirloom Collection /  CITRINE PALETTE  Fat Quarter Pack Cotton  Quilt  Fabric 13 Total
photo courtesy of mimis.etsy.com

This collection of Joel Dewberry's "Heirloom" fabric line has proven to be The Thanksgiving Turkey of fabric purchases:  it just keeps on generating projects long after the original use has past.  

The custom table runner that started it all has been received by its new owner, who emailed me yesterday to say that she really loves it.  I was glad to hear from her-- not only do I like hearing from satisfied customers, but this was mailed to a military base in Italy, so it was a relief to learn that it had arrived safely.

I pieced together this quilt top from some of the leftovers.  I have to go get some backing fabric for it so it can be completed.

You would THINK that it would be the end, but no.

 I found myself in the mood to do something piecey over the weekend, and there were just enough scraps left for this table runner.

Okay, THAT'S IT for this collection.  The remaining bits are going into my scrap bins.


  1. You did a great job with those leftovers! Beautiful quilt and a gorgeous table runner. Can't wait to see how they'll be quilted! =)

  2. Boy, you really made stretched that collection into many projects. And all of them are very pretty and practical. Nice job.

  3. Hi, Linda. Good use of very good fabric! I especially like the quilt--very cheerful. I also enjoyed stopping by your Etsy store to see all the cute items. Hope business is good for you.
    best, nadia