Thursday, July 5, 2012

Busting Blues

For some reason, I have an absolute ton of blue fabric in my stash.
And these are not just any blues.

These are Old Blues.

You could even call them Frumpy Blues.

That light blue fabric on top of the pile is from my very first quilt!

Now, I have nothing against any fabric of any age.  I have found that most fabric colors combine well together with newer choices.   But these Old Blues just don't seem to mix well with newer fabrics.

So, in an effort to use up some of these fabrics, they're going into their own quilt, where they'll (hopefully) look great all together.

Also, a lot of these are odd size pieces, which drive me crazy--they're too large for the scrap bin, but too small to be considered useful yardage.

I did a lot of cutting yesterday, leaving me with this big pile of squares and strips.

Here's the basic pattern-- just plain squares alternating with pieced squares.  The blocks are small enough (5 1/2") that I was able to use up a lot of smaller pieces and scraps.

I'm hoping that the end product will be a fun and scrappy quilt, and a good final place for the Old Blues!


  1. Hey, this is looking pretty darn cool already. :) What a great idea. I know just what you mean about the "old blues" in my decades-long stash not wanting to mix with current fabrics!

  2. This is so interesting - of all my stash boxes my blue box should actually be two boxes not one as I can't fit all the fabric in. I don't know how that happened, I've never set out to buy 'blue' but there it is overflowing - maybe it's time for me to break it down into old and new blues :)