Monday, July 9, 2012

On My Design Floor

I tethered myself to the sewing machine over the weekend and pieced all of the blocks for my New Quilt of Old Blues (see my previous post for more details)

I laid the blocks out on my Design Floor this morning.

As it is now, it's going to be a nice sized lap quilt.  I'm going to sew the blocks together, and then decide if I want to put borders on it.

I purposefully aimed for a "casual" layout, and didn't worry too much about having a strict "light-dark-light-dark" design.  I just made sure that adjacent blocks didn't completely blend in to each other, and that the same fabrics weren't next to each other.  I want the finished quilt to look spontaneous, not fussy.  I do like how all of those Old Blues look all together like this!


  1. I like it! You are so creative!

  2. Hey, that's turning out really neat! I'll have to do such a thing next year with my old blues, and old greens, too, that have issues with playing well with others. ;D