Thursday, July 26, 2012

Full Speed Ahead!

I had a stunning moment of clarity earlier today:

I realized that I am absolutely up to my neck in quilting projects!

First up:

I basted the New Quilt of Old Blues, and I'm nearly finished with the quilting.

See this post for pictures of the whole quilt top.

Since it's such a busy looking quilt, I felt a simple quilting pattern would be best, so I'm just quilting on either side of the seams, using the edge of the quilting foot as a guide.

A time saver:  I pin basted in the middle of the block, but quilted on the edge of the block, so I'm able to do all of the quilting without having to stop and remove pins as I go.  

On the back, 2 appropriate prints.  Although I must say, that rose print on the bottom is, in my mind, not An Old Blue but a Classic-- it's an old print that I've loved forever (I also have it in green, orange, and red!).

 I mentioned in a recent post (here) that I'm really trying to stock up for the upcoming market and show season.  Everyday Napkins were a big seller last season, so I'm working on making a big stack of them.  They're super easy-- just cut 15" squares and overcast the edges.
I usually make sets of 4 but they're sold mix and match, all together in a basket.  Some people like matching sets, but a lot of people like to customize their selection.  One customer last year bought 6 different ones for each of her grandchildren!

I need to get going on the next Rock Concert T shirt quilt.

It's for the same customer as this completed quilt.
But he and his daughter went to a lot of concerts, and there's at least another quilt worth of shirts!

I'm thinking this latest quilt will have rectangle blocks in long vertical rows, with something interesting in between.  And maybe softer colors than this quilt has.

Here's a hint:
Iphone4 +selvage

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  1. Your blue quilt top is looking great - can't wait to see it finished! Looking forward to seeing your latest project too. =)