Monday, November 26, 2012

Show Report

My most exciting vendor event of this year was this past weekend, and it was a blast!

Holizaar V, November 24

One thing about indoor events:  you never really know what your space is going to look like until you get there.

I got incredibly lucky this year, and was assigned a corner spot.  I had plenty of room for all of my display pieces.

Notice too the lights at the top of the picture, and the lamp on the table.  This was the first show that I've had to provide lighting for.  The venue is a gallery space, and the lighting is a little dim, PLUS the show was from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.. It was dusk/dark for much of the show, so you couldn't depend on light from the windows.

4 of these clip on lights from Home Depot worked just fine.


I sold 40 items, a new record for me!  The show was very well attended, in fact was packed with people for much of the time it was going on.

I even sold this quilt, made mostly from the Joel Dewberry "Heirloom" colllection.

I also sold placemats, a table runner, several Office Lunch Sets, and a ton of "stocking stuffer" type items like Christmas ornaments, eyeglass cases, lanyards and tissue cases.

On the sewing front:  I've been in a Large Scale Print mood:

Placemats leftover from this quilt, made out of "Loulouthi" by Anna Maria Horner.  I love how they go together but don't match.

 This swath of Philip Jacob's "Chrysanthemum" needed nothing more than a little quilting to make it look great. 


  1. Well Done on your Sales your little Corner looks Great.