Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now that's a lot of fabric!

I've had several custom orders materialize in recent weeks.

Two of them are for T shirt quilts.  I'll have a picture of the first completed top in the next day or so.
One custom order deserves it's own post, so I'll save it for just a little while.

And the last one is for a bed quilt, Ultra King Sized at 118" square.  Holy Cow, that's a big quilt.  I'm assuming that the customer wants the quilt to drape almost to the floor, thus eliminating the need for a dust ruffle.

Well, the best way to proceed with such a project is to first find the pattern.  I'm a big believer in Keeping Things Simple, and let beautiful fabrics do the work for you.

 This pattern (available here) seemed like a good choice.  I was planning on having to alter a pattern to get the size quilt that I need, but, incredibly, this quilt finishes 118".

It's a very simple layout.

I also like the borders, with a solid inner border and rectangles around the outer edge.

There are just 2 sets of blocks.

The pattern designer made hers out of pinks and blues.  But I have a different, more sophisticated color scheme in mind.

The customer wants an old Florida, tropical garden feel.  The bedroom that this quilt is going in has pale, gray-green walls.

 The Fairylyte Garden collection from Westminster Fabrics seemed the best choice after a LOT of searching.

I ordered it from, and it arrived yesterday.

So instead of the blue and pink color scheme of the quilt in the pattern, my quilt will be this dark/burgundy group. . .

 And this light/lime/yellow group.

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but this order totaled over 20 yards of fabric, I think my biggest single fabric purchase ever!

Extra wide fabric for the back of this quilt will definitely come in handy, when I get there.  (Let me get this top pieced first.)

Nearly as exciting, at least to me:  20 yards of fabric yields 40 linear yards of selvage (I use both finished edges in my selvage projects). That's going to supply selvage for many, many projects.

(See my Etsy store if you're not familiar with all of my selvage goodies)

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  1. WOW, you are right, that is a lot of fabric -- and all at one time. I'm curious, how do you determine what to charge for this type of work -- by the hour or the size of the quilt? I've been asked many times to put together a quilt and I've resisted since I do longarm quilting and have no time to even piece my own most of the time! Your fabrics for this old Florida feel look scrumptious. Can't wait to see how they go together in the pattern you've chosen.