Monday, March 11, 2013

Lots of table runners!

The Modern Table Runner 

All of a sudden, I need to make a lot of versions of this table runner.

Version 1, already in progress:

This is a custom order from an Etsy customer who requested an off-white background and a narrower width (13", while the one pictured above is 17")
I felt that since it's quite a bit narrower than the ones I've been making a 3 block design would work better-- I think that was the right call for this one.  So this one has 3 squares across in each row, instead of the 4 squares in the original.

Next will be a copy of the runner pictured at the top of the page.  This occurred in unusual circumstances:

The runner pictured at the top of the page sold in my Etsy store on Friday.  About 30 seconds after it sold, ANOTHER customer emailed me to say that very same runner had been IN HER CART and someone beat her to it and paid for it before she could check out!  I was astonished by this, since at any given moment there are well over 5000 table runners for sale on Etsy-- what are the odds that 2 people would try to buy the same item at the same moment?  Truly mind-boggling.  Anyway, I set up a custom order for the second customer for her table runner so no one else can buy it!  So I will be making that one next, and then I'll probably make a third to have in my store!  

Also under construction today, a custom placemat set for a co-worker of my husbands.  She has an Office Lunch Set of mine and wanted to order these as a gift for friends.  It's 2 placemats plus 2 coasters.  

The fabric is "Down on the Farm" from Kaufman, available at

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  1. Love these! I love all chickens and roosters, and have heaps of fabrics hen-themed. Always looking for new ways to use it, and have saved your photo on my Pinterest account to inspire me :-)
    Gina in Australia