Monday, March 18, 2013

On my basting floor

My friend Christine is again taking advantage of my Quilt Completion Services.

This quilt top has already been given to her friend as a birthday present, and taken back to be basted and quilted by me!

She was very enthusiastic about the book this pattern came from:

It's available from Amazon (here)

 I love all the jewel tones of the quilt, and it will be a great excuse to Have Fun With Gorgeous Quilting Thread!

I love this extra special touch on the bottom (the words say "peace love health happiness").  It's not machine embroidery--the words are printed on the fabric (I'll have to ask her how she did this.)

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  1. I love that book, too! Julie (the author) lives around here, so I've seen her at a couple of quilt shows. She's very sweet and has so many great ideas for quilts.

    BTW, I read your blog off and on--mostly haunting it without commenting. It's always fun to see what other things we quilters do when we're not knee-deep in fabric!

    Elizabeth E.