Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quilting Time!

I have this week and next week off from orchestra work and so far it has felt absolutely blissful to have Uninterrupted Quilting Time.

I blazed through Christina's quilt on the Sweet 16.

It's a generous size lap quilt (about 55 x 75") but went really fast.

The gray strips were quilted with leaf clusters (sorry about the poor quality of the picture-- I tweaked it as best I could but it's hard to photograph thread details well!)

The colored fabric areas got a meandering pattern in different jewel-tone thread colors.

Also on the production line, a few fresh Spring items for my Etsy store and Market Merchandise:

That fun fabric above is "Perfectly Perched" from Robert Kaufman, available at Hawthorne Threads.  It's one of those prints that might be a little strange used in a quilt but I think it's perfect for placemats like these or pillows or tote bags.

More placemats, waiting to be basted and quilted, from the "Metro Cafe" collection, also by Kaufman.

You'll recall from this post that I recently made a pair of placemats out of these fabrics as a custom order.  Since I can get 6 placemats out of 1 yard of fabric, a set for my own use made perfect sense.


  1. Those chickens sure are cute. Enjoy your time off, but understand that for most of us, playing violin (or any instrument) would be just a great a joy as quilting!

  2. oh!! Heart's Content quilting time would be simply divine. :D Have fun!!!