Monday, April 8, 2013

Odds and Ends

I've had a few small custom projects materialize over the last couple of days.

First up:  a pair of placemats out of this fabric for a friend at work, who wants to give them as a gift.

She described the recipients decor as "country rustic".  I showed her a few fabrics that I thought fit that description, and she chose this one.

 I dug down to the bottom of my stash for this one!

I'm not sure this fabric company is even in business anymore!

Also, a customer on Etsy is getting a head start on her Christmas decorating.

She saw placemats made out of this fabric in the sold orders sections of my Etsy store and asked me to make a set for her.

The fabric is "Merry Main Street" by Alexander Henry.  It's out of print but you can still find it on Ebay, Etsy, or at Fashionable Fabrics.

Awesome Vintage Fabric Alert:

I was killing time between a rehearsal and performance in St. Petersburg on Saturday and wandered into Little Brooklyn Vintage , and found this piece of fabric!

It's a long curtain panel, about 36 x 70".

 It's in great condition and feels like 100% cotton.

I think it's going to look great as a placemat set!

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