Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Under the Needle

I played this concert this morning but was determined to get some quilting in this afternoon.

I finished quilting the Cat Quilt!

You'll recall that this is a custom order, commissioned by a colleague of mine for her mom, who likes to read at home with cats in her lap.

See this post for more information about this project.

Since it's kind of an "art" themed quilt (the featured fabric is "Meowsterpiece Cats" from Michael Miller fabrics) I decided to quilt a frame of bright blue leaves around each of the large square blocks, then fill in the rest with a meandering stitch in a neutral beige color.

The large squares of the cat fabric received a little straight line quilting using black thread, in the black areas of the fabric only, so it's nearly invisible.

Since the front of the quilt is rather bright and modern looking, I thought a pretty, somewhat conservative print on the back would lend a nice balance to the whole thing.

It just needs a binding, and it will be ready in plenty of time for Mother's Day!


  1. Very nice quilting! I noticed you have a HQ Sixteen. Is that the sit-down model or the other? And do you like it, would you buy it again or a different make all together? I'd like to get a HQ but was thinking of the bigger one like a 18" or 24" models. Also do you have the computer thing or do you do all your quilting free-hand? I know, so many questions but I really the HQ products especially their price.

  2. Hi Mary Kay! Thanks you so much for leaving your nice comment on my blog today.
    To answer a few of your questions:

    The machine in the picture is the HQ Sweet 16 sit down machine, which I got last August. If you look in my "labels" section on the right side of my blog, you'll see that the machine has it's own list of posts, which you might find helpful. I like it because it doesn't take up a lot of space, and I like the "homemade" look of my hand guided, non-computerized quilting. It's really like free motion quilting on a regular home sewing machine, just LOTS easier because there's more space. I don't have the stitch regulator, nor do I feel like I need one. Hope this helps, and please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. Happy quilting!