Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Going Once, Going Twice. . .

A new opportunity came my way recently.

I was contacted by the St. Petersburg Opera Company  (the one in Florida, not Russia!) to donate some quilted items to the silent auction that they're having as part of their "Bella Voce" fundraiser being held next week.  It's one of those Fancy Shindig events that a lot of non profit organizations hold yearly to raise money and have a nice social event for donors. There will be dinner, musical entertainment, plus a silent auction. (More details on this event here).

It wasn't a shock to be asked by them-- I've known their music director FOREVER.  Before he was an opera conductor we were co-workers at The Florida Orchestra, where he was principal bassoon for many years.

One twist that made this a particularly interesting opportunity is that donated items aren't just a flat-out donation.  Proceeds are split with the artists, which makes this a really attractive opportunity, and I would imagine greatly enhances the quality of what gets donated.

At the suggestion of the folks at St. Pete Opera, I'm donating 2 items:

Music themed placemats seemed like an obvious choice!
 There's even music fabric on the back!

Also, this quilt:

I love this quilt and it's a big item to donate but honestly-- it's been for sale since the fall of 2011. That's a long time.  It's too big to bring to markets or shows (it's 78 x 92", a generous twin/double bed size) and it seems that lap size and baby quilts are the stronger sellers. A quilt this size is also really bulky to store!

So, this seems like a good opportunity to make room for fresh merchandise and donate to a good cause and who knows?  We'll have to see if any Opera-supporting quilt lovers come to the auction!

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