Thursday, May 30, 2013

In Pieces


You'll recall from my previous post (here) that an old friend of mine contacted me about making him a custom table runner.

He was very specific about what he wanted:
random piecing, all in shades of gray.

This color palate is a BIG departure from my usual comfort zone, as I am usually All About Color, and lots of it.  But I love a challenge!

Random piecing is easy and fun.  To get started, just start sewing pairs of fabric pieces together, press the seams, then sew the pairs to each other.  Trim up uneven ends as you go.

A few half square triangles add interest.

It's coming together!

A few Blog notes:  unfortunately, I have to start moderating comments here.  I've had a steady stream of spam comments recently, and while most of them have been fairly benign one of them linked to an "adult" website. (YIKES)  And, hard to believe, I'm STILL getting spam even though I installed the moderating feature about a week ago.  So, to all of you kind people who leave thoughtful and constructive comments:  THANK YOU, and your comments will be published as soon as I read them.

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