Monday, July 29, 2013

The Kindness of Quilters

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you'll probably know that I make a lot of projects out of fabric selvage.

Upcycled Selvage Bath Mat Rug

 I've made, by my latest estimate, about 75 selvage bath mats in various sizes.


Sunglass Eyeglass Case Quilted Upcycled Selvage

Scarf Belt Upcycled Long Skinny Selvage         Made in much smaller quantities, but still needing significant material:  the selvage scarf and eyeglass case.

Also occasionally on the Production Line:

Selvage Placemats

Selvage Tissue Case Upcycled
tissue case


Upcycled Christmas Ornaments

Anyway, you get the idea:  I love working with selvage, and as a result I produce many more selvage projects than I personally buy fabric for.  So I depend greatly on the generosity of my quilting friends and family to keep me supplied.  And they do!
And let's not forget total strangers.

I was a vendor at a Christmas In July craft fair this past weekend, and I got into a conversation with a customer, a fellow quilter who admired my items, especially the selvage ones.  She said she had saved a lot of selvage but didn't know what to do with them.  Then she said she was going to run home and get them and bring them back to the show so I could have them!  Wow!

Here's what she brought back.  A bejeweled treasure chest could not have yielded greater riches, as far as I'm concerned.

An awesome act of generosity.  These will be well used, and appreciated.

Thank you Selvage Fairy Godmother!

A few notes from the Craft show:

I'm still working on my indoor show display, which is really a challenge considering the size of my items.  But every show works a little better than the last!

Thanks to the addition of these brackets, my grid walls are now free standing, allowing me to set up anywhere.  (Previously, I required a space along a wall so I could lean those grid walls against it.)

I was able to hang my banner between the 2 sets of grid walls, and make it look really festive with the addition of Christmas stockings.

Many thanks to my husband  Resident Display Engineer for helping me with this!


  1. Oh my goodness! I've heard of and seen selvage used in projects before, but never so beautifully! You are so creative. It gives me ideas too. I especially love the stocking and placemats. They look terrific. Thanks for sharing pics :)

    1. Thank you Beth, I appreciate your kind words!