Friday, July 26, 2013

Quilt Show, Part 2

The Dunedin Fine Arts Center is hosting a really fine Art Quilt exhibit.

Click here for my post about the quilts from the Quilt National competition that are part of the exhibit.

The second room of the exhibit was dedicated to modern fiber artist Betty Busby, whose works for this exhibit all represented her vision of things from a cellular level.

In other words, let's look under a microscope, and make a quilt out of what we see.

What a concept!

Here's a closeup of the above quilt. The detail work was amazing.

This quilt was very interesting.  Titled "Fracture" it had a quilt-over-a-quilt for a unique layered effect.

Without the incredible thread work,this would be just a bunch of polka dots on fabric!

You can read more about Betty here.

The exhibit runs through August 11.  Check the website (here) for more info.

A little housekeeping:  Tomorrow and Sunday my Etsy store will be on vacation while I'm a vendor at a Christmas in July event.  It's an indoor (thank goodness), holiday shopping themed event with about 50 vendors.  I'm bringing a ton of merchandise and  I'm hoping it will be a lot of fun!  I'll have a full report Monday.

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