Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Quilt Show!

Every summer the Dunedin Fine Arts Center (website here ) hosts a really fine quilt show, which includes a traveling exhibit, a silent auction of small quilts from the local quilt guild, and a featured artist.

Usually, the show is centered around a traditional theme.  But this year's exhibit is a little different, focusing on art quilts.

quilt_national_sponsor_board_450The quilts were meant to stretch the traditional definition of what a quilt is.

The most remarkable thing about many of the exhibited quilts was the use of thread as a painting medium.  The shading on this quilt was all achieved through placement of the thread colors and the incredibly dense stitching.

The density of the stitching and the amount of thread used was truly stunning.

This one was particularly interesting because it's a whole cloth quilt.  What a vision you would have to have to make a plain piece of white fabric into something like this!

  Here's a closeup of the center of the circle.  It's all about the stitching.

This was one of my favorites.

See that fringe at the bottom?

It's made out of plastic trash bags!

Now that's what I call upcycling!

As you might expect, the quilt is titled "Global Warming/The Great Unraveling"


These quilts were just one room of the exhibit.

Next post:  a fascinating roomful of quilt art by modern fiber artist Betty Busby.

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