Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vermont Quilt Festival, Part 3

I've posted about the wonderful quilts that were on display (here) and the fantastic free motion quilting class I took with Sue Nickels (here) at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  There's only one thing left to talk about.

How about a little shopping?

There were, of course, DOZENS of fabric vendors selling precuts, collections, and yardage off the bolt.

There were specialty fabrics available too, like silks, felted wools, and hand dyed fabrics.

There were also kits available.  This being a New England event, a lot of the fabric was what I would categorize as Traditional.   However, there were a few contemporary style vendors there, like this one.  (Love that house quilt!)

There was a truly staggering number of hi-tech sewing machines there from all of the major companies.  (That one on the right looks familiar!)

This longarm machine was particularly fancy.  It's run with a removable tablet (like an Ipad), and was also quilting by itself when I took this picture.

(Noted:  amid all the hi-tech hubbub, the vendor selling antique Singer Featherweight machines was also doing a brisk business!)

There were also vendors with every notion, ruler, accessory, and Everything Else You Could Think Of.

Fabric flowers seem to be a big trend right now, and this vendor had all of the patterns for them.

A few goodies that I couldn't resist:

 This collection of Autumn fat quarters was particularly yummy.
Love this music fabric, even if it's not actually real music (it's not notated correctly, TRUST ME)
I was pleased to see a huge vendor display from Superior Threads.  If you want to know anything and everything about thread, they're a great source.  These are disposable bobbins, class "M" size for my Sweet 16 machine.  I have big cones of neutral colors that I wind myself but I thought it might be good to get some of these pre-wound bobbins to fill in with a few colors. One of those bobbins will be enough thread to quilt large size lap quilt, with a little left over.

Christmas items are always on my Summer Quilting To-Do List.

 And an awesome new ruler from Quiltersrule!  It has a sliding strip in the back that you move to whatever size fabric you're cutting, then use the screws to have it stay in place. Your fabric butts up against it the strip, eliminating fabric slide, ruler wiggles, and general inconsistencies while rotary cutting.  It's pretty awesome!
 It comes with directions for not only cutting strips, but other shapes as well.

Now, after several days of fun at the Festival, it's time to get back to sewing!

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