Sunday, July 14, 2013

Binding, and Show & Tell

After several months of work on this big project, I'm seeing a light at the end of the Scrappy Trip-Along tunnel.

My quilt guild came over on Wednesday and helped me baste it.  I am one lucky quilter to have friends like this to help out!  The quilt is a generous queen size at approximately 90 x 100 inches-- a daunting task to take on myself (my hamstrings hurt just thinking about it) but with 5 of us there it was a fast and easy job.

I quilted it with a neutral gray thread with a simple meandering stitch.

The pattern is so busy that that the quilting hardly shows, so it seemed like Keeping Things Simple was the best quilting plan.

Today's project:  450 inches of binding!

Anyway, let me get the binding finished and then I'll take more (and better) pictures of this (almost) finished project!

A highlight on Wednesday, besides getting my quilt basted, was a little show and tell from guild member Jackie.

You might recall from this post that she has had to make herself a new wardrobe of queen size bed quilts, due to the purchase of a new and thicker mattress. She brought along 2 completed tops to show.

Brace yourself:

I believe she said there were 664 blocks in this quilt.

 They're all hand pieced.  The bottoms of the baskets are a pieced pattern, and the little handle is appliqued.

The blocks are 4" finished.

She's planning to machine quilt it.

She even made a beautiful back for it!

And, in case we weren't overwhelmed enough with that one, she also had this top to show, this one in autumn colors:

This one was also completely pieced by hand-- although, I think with hexagon blocks like that it would be almost easier than trying to do them with a machine.

This one will also be machine quilted.

And if you're thinking that she must be retired, or a Lady Of Leisure to produce so many quilts, THINK AGAIN.  She has a Real Job at Florida Hospital here in Tampa, and works long hours.  Obviously, she has given up sleep in the name of quilt production.


  1. Your scrappy quilt is truly scrappy and fun. I like your colorful binding choice ~

    W.O.W. Both of Jackie's quilts are what I'd consider lifetime achievement quilts, Kudos to her!

  2. Oh my goodness. Ditto what Pokey said. Of all the gatherings to be out of state for. Well it was the mountains but i'm really sorry to have missed all 3 of those masterpieces. Kudos all around!