Sunday, August 18, 2013

Because I felt like it

I just felt like making a quilt.  So I did!

Usually I try to be organized, and On a Production Schedule.  What do I need for the upcoming market season.  What custom orders need to be produced, and by what date.  Am I ready for upcoming holidays.

Well, I work better when I'm focused, and I'm more productive when I'm organized.  But everyone needs a breather sometimes, right?

This pattern is perfect for a quick quilt because of the large blocks-- cutting and piecing went very quickly, even though it's a pretty big quilt (about 80" square).

The pattern is called "Olive Rose", by Valori Wells and it's free!  (Click here).  She designed the quilt around her own fabrics (beautiful!) but for my version I Shopped My Stash.  Because for spur-of-the-moment quilting, there's no time to go to the fabric store.

A moment of silence, please, for that poppy print. That's my very last piece of Laura Gunn's "Big Poppy" in aqua, probably my all-time favorite fabric and now out of print, and as far as I can tell, basically unavailable.  (One vendor on Etsy is listing a fat quarter of it for $15!)  If it ever comes back into production I'm buying a bolt of it.  Or maybe 2.

My production assistant, always on the job

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