Sunday, August 4, 2013

Coffee Talk

For the markets and craft shows that I do throughout the year, the best sellers are what I call The Little Things.

tissue covers
ID lanyards
selvage ornaments
eyeglass case
  All of these items are priced at $10 (for the eyeglass case) or less, which seems to be an Important Retail Threshold-- the price that generates impulse, or non-planned, purchases.  They're also everyday items elevated into something special-- if you have to wear an ID badge at work, why not hang it on a pretty lanyard?  And lastly, they're things that I can produce quickly that help me use up scraps of fabric and batting, and let me offer a wide range of pricing.

Here's a new Little Thing that I will be introducing this season:

Every live event that I've done there's been a coffee vendor, with customers toting around their cups and those ugly cardboard sleeves.  This cup cozy looks much better!

There are a lot of tutorials available.  I used Jeni's (here), which includes a handy printable template.

  All you'll need to make these, besides fabric and batting, are hair elastics and buttons.

They'll be making their debut next month at this big event!

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