Thursday, August 8, 2013

On the Basting Floor

It seems that Christmas in July has oozed effortlessly into August!

This morning I basted this Christmas quilt.

You'll recall from this post that one of my goals for this summer was to make a Christmas quilt for my Etsy store.  I had pulled out this pile of fabrics in the beginning of the summer.  It's many years accumulation of holiday prints!

Now onto the quilting!

I was poking around Pinterest this morning and I think I may have found the perfect quilting pattern:

Loose Weave is fun to quilt because all it involves is long, slightly curving lines stitched horizontally and vertically across your quilting space. Learn to sew this free motion design at

This example was done on a 10" square.  I would do a much larger version, and run the pattern from end to end of the quilt.

Instructions for this and many other free motions designs can be found here  at The Free Motion Quilting Project.

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  1. OK, that is cool :) I love the intermittent stars on some of the squares.