Thursday, September 19, 2013

Under the Needle

As I mentioned in my last post (here), I'm trying to finish up as many projects as possible before the orchestra season begins ( a week from today!).

The last major item on my To Do List was to finish this quilt.  My quilt guild came over a week ago to help me baste it, and it's been sitting on a chair ever since, glaring at me accusingly.

Time to finish!

With it's large blocks, large scale prints, and general feeling of Modern, I decided this was a Straight Line Quilt.   It's 80" square, a large quilt but not impossible to push through the sewing machine.

I used the edge of my walking foot on either side of the long seams for the first quilting lines, then attached the seam guide to do the rest of the quilting, so it will be an allover grid pattern.

There's no turning necessary, I just go from end to end, then start the next line.  Super easy, but I think it will look nice!

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