Monday, September 16, 2013

Done and Done

I'm finishing up projects!

In the last few days I've completed all of my started projects from this post .

Here's the latest version of the Autumn Leaf table runner.

I've made quite a few of these in the last few years, but it's one of my favorite projects.

In keeping with tradition, there's always 1 pumpkin included.  Just one.

For all of you Fabric Historians out there, that brown paisley swirl in the center strip and on the back is a REALLLLLLY old Jinny Beyer print-- like at least 25 years old.  I think it's a classic, and it has appeared in many of my autumn items.

Also completed:

A new pattern for the selvage bath mat:  zig zag! Incredibly, after over 3 years of making these I am still discovering different patterns for them.

This small bath mat is also finished.

All of these items can be viewed in my Etsy store.

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