Monday, October 28, 2013

Up and Running

Well, there's been no "ease in" time to the start of the orchestra season this year-- once work started about 3 weeks ago it's been Full Steam Ahead, with lots of different programs, lots of music to learn, just busy busy busy.  Throw in a little free-lance work on the side and I've been one busy violin player.

As much fun as it's been to be back to work after a long summer off, it was a relief today to have a day off and a little quilting time!

A new baby girl quilt is on the agenda.

You just can't go wrong with tumbler blocks in bright colors, and the Accuquilt Go cutter makes the shapes quick and easy.

Once I had all of the blocks cut out and laid out, I numbered them with tape.

That makes for fast and easy piecing, with no worries about whether I'm sewing the blocks in the correct order, and I know that they will be facing the right direction (some of the fabrics are directional).

This small quilt will be finished quickly, so I'll look forward to bring an update very soon!

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