Monday, February 10, 2014

Charlotte's Quilts

As you might recall from this post, the retirement community where my dad now lives has an active quilting community.  Today I went to a solo show of quilts made by a good friend of his.

 I've met Charlotte several times, and she's one of those terrific people who's setting a great example of Growing Older Gracefully.  I want to be just like her when I grow up (!)

She's a talented quilter, too!

These 3 were quite small

This was one of the larger ones, although it was still
wall hanging size.  It's called "Standing Still" 

There were 2 "Storm at Sea" quilts.
This one had soft tones of blue and peach
I loved the bright colors and contrasting values
of this one

The star of the show was this Rose of Sharon sampler.  It's really stunning! 

It was also the largest quilt at this exhibit, I'm guessing it's around 40 x 60".
It's all fusible applique, and machine pieced and quilted.  I thought it was a great mix of modern meets traditional styles.  

 Nice job Charlotte, and keep up the good work!  I can't wait to see your next creation!

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