Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Open for Business

I'm setting up and settling down in my new life.

(I moved recently; see this post to catch up on the hows and whys of this sudden life change.)

By far the biggest organizational challenge of this move was the sewing room!  But it's finally set up and ready for business.

This picture was taken in the late afternoon.  The windows on the right face west, so there's a lot of late day sun in the room.

Everything that I use-- fabric, various machines, cutting tables-- fits in neatly.

There's nothing like packing up every piece of fabric that you own, then having to unpack every piece of fabric that you own, and arranging every piece of fabric that you own on shelves to really inspire you to Use Up What You Have.

I've had time for a little "catch up" sewing, mostly standard stock items for my Etsy store.

A large selvage bath mat in the "triple bullseye" style.

Plus a Modern Table Runner.

Both of these new items plus all of my other current merchandise can be view in my Etsy store.

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  1. Things are looking good! Enjoy.