Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The Puppy Quilt is finished, and has been listed in my Etsy store.

Gosh it's cute!

It's a small lap/baby/toddler/ size, 40 x 42"

Living in a new house has presented an array of new product photography challenges as well as rewards.

A beautiful front porch that faces south seemed like a good spot to try taking some quilt pictures.

I always like to photograph my items with some sort of "real" object (like the chair in this picture) so the potential buyer has a sense of scale.  Not all online customers read through product descriptions, so even though I always include dimensions I think it's a good idea to have a visual aid as well.

The porch railing is going to work great for photographing quilts, although next time I might try taking the pictures earlier in the day-- you can see a little bit of over-exposure at the bottom of the picture, which I think could be avoided by adjusting the photo session time, or taking pictures on an overcast day. However, I was pretty happy with this first photography session!

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