Sunday, May 22, 2016

Coming Home

Incredibly, I'm a homeowner again.

When I moved into this little Craftsman-style bungalow as a renter almost exactly 2 years ago I never imagined that I would end up buying it, or any house, again.

Of course, when I moved into this house at the end of my long, long marriage simply getting out of bed and breathing was considered a victory (see this post).   Forget about long term plans or financial decisions. Just keep living until you're alive again.

But as most of us know, grief is finite.  And at some point, after a long time, it's time to empower yourself, take the reins of your life, and kick some ass.  Or at least try to.

By the way, that's not my cat in the picture, although it is my porch.  She lives next door, but likes to nap here.  I think of her as porch decor.

Throughout this journey, this house has been so much more to me than a place to live.  It's truly felt like home since the day I moved in.

The couch-- and those pillows-- were here when I moved in.  I want to make some patchwork pillows for it this summer.

Click here for my tutorial to make your own Dresden Plate table runner like the one on my coffee table.

Several months ago the former owner of this house (and my former landlord) said that he wanted to sell the house and that he would offer it to me first.  At first I thought it would be impossible, but as I have been learning over the past 2 years, many things are possible.

And needless to say, the opportunity to purchase a house that I was already living in and wouldn't have to pay a realtor fee for was a great opportunity.

And how could I possibly walk away from a bedroom painted lime green?  If that's not an omen that this house was meant to be mine then I don't know what is.

Closing was April 29.

Welcome home.