Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For the Girls

The twin quilts are finished!

This was a memory quilt/clothing project made out of baby and toddler clothes of 7 year old twins who live in my neighborhood.

I didn't want to inspire any sibling rivalry, so I constructed both quilts exactly the same way, making 12" (finished size) blocks, 4 across and 6 down.

This quilt is for the Fashionista sister.

Each quilt contains their clothes but also one or two special fabrics just for them.

That fun dress-up fabric is from the "Dress Up" collection from Robert Kaufman fabrics.

Her favorite color is green, so I used this soft green print on the back.

And both quilts received the bold black and white stripe binding.

Her sister is less concerned about fashion, and there was a strong animal theme to her clothing, so that's what I went with for her quilt.

Her favorite color is pink, so that's what is on the back of her quilt.

It's the same fabric as the back of her sisters' quilt, just in a different color.  Again, I was trying to avoid any potential feelings of one quilt being better than the other.

Their mom said these quilts will be either Christmas or birthday gifts.  Either way, I hope they love them!

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  1. Awww . . . they are both so cute! They will love them.