Sunday, July 9, 2017

Oh Baby

My latest custom quilt was an exercise in how to make a random pile of fabric go together.

The customer had photographed her newborn baby for the first year of her life using 12 different fabrics, one fabric each month.

Something like this (photo courtesy of Pinterest):

 monthly photo idea - different fabrics

Well, her daughter is now about 1 1/2 years old and she was wondering what to do with the 12 yards (!) of fabric left over from the photo sessions.  Luckily all of the fabrics were quilting cottons that she had bought at Joann's-- with one exception:  the lemon print with the blue background is flannel. (Still completely usable)

I love combining bright colors with charcoal gray so that was my suggestion to bring everything together.
The applique flowers weren't part of my original design idea but I think they add just the right touch.

This is a lap size quilt so there was LOTS of fabric left over, plenty to do a pieced back.

I love scrap quilts so this was a really fun project!

Now on to other business:

I've been noticing recently that Instagram Is The New Blog.  I've tried it and have to say I agree.  It's a much more practical medium for sharing tidbits of information, plus it's totally portable as it is a phone-only application.  So it goes anywhere and I can use it anytime.  So I think I will be migrating most of my online communication to Instagram and using this space to share custom orders and other special projects.  I  hope you'll join me!

One last thing:  a little taste of my recent vacation.  I went BY MYSELF to Venice in June.  Because I wanted to.  It was great.

The Grand Canal

Rialto Bridge

Burano Island

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  1. I love the quilt! The gray fabric and the applique flowers add just the right touch. So glad you took a trip to Venice. It looks like lots of fun from your pictures.