Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Neutral New Year

I started the new year off with some custom quilting.

My quilting friend Jean had made a quilt top and asked me to quilt it for her.

We grabbed a picture of it before basting.
It's a symphony of neutrals!

And it's BIG.  A king sized quilt measuring 92 x 104".
I understood why she wouldn't want to take on a quilt that size on her domestic machine.

Even on the Sweet 16 managing a quilt this size is really challenging.  I kept the quilting simple with long diagonal lines that show off the geometric pattern of the blocks.

Something that doesn't show up well in the pictures is the fact that many of these fabrics are metallic--Jean never met a gold fabric she didn't like!  So even though it's all neutrals, the quilt has a gorgeous subtle shimmer to it that's really spectacular.

This is the largest quilt I've finished on the Sweet 16-- it's just a few inches larger than my Scrappy Trip-Around that I made in 2013.

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