Monday, October 31, 2011


That means "hello" in Polish.
I was curious when I noticed that I was getting Etsy shop views from this web site:

Życie Rzeczy

Scrolling down the page, look what I found:

Dywanik ze skrawków


Dywanik ze skrawków
The Selvage Bath Mat from my Etsy store!

Sometimes you just don't realize that it really is a World Wide Web!

The translation is somewhat vague, but the website name is something like:  What Things Can You Do With Things, and the bath mat is called "Rug from Scraps".  So it's definitely some sort of  upcycled/recycled product showcase.   Anyway, what fun to see an item of mine in an international site like this!  So a big DZIEKUJE (Thank you) to my new friends in Poland!

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