Monday, August 20, 2012

A new quilt, and big news

I just finished the top of this fun new quilt.

The large scale floral and the blue print are from Anna Maria Horner's "Loulouthi" collection.

I resisted the urge to just use that collection for this quilt.  As pretty as it is, sometimes I think if a quilt just uses a single collection of fabric, it looks like the fabric designer's quilt, and not like my quilt.  So the green and brown border pieces came from Joann's.
It's just 15 pieces of fabric, and my favorite kind of pattern:  big pieces of large scale prints.

OK, here's the big news.  This quilt is NOT going to be quilted on my Viking Sapphire sewing machine.  Which raises some questions:

Is it going to be hand quilted? No. 
And I'm wiping away tears of laughter just at the thought of that.

Is it going to be sent somewhere for longarm quilting?  No.   
I'm going to quilt it.  On this:

It's being delivered tomorrow.  It's highly possible that my head is going to explode with excitement before it gets here.


  1. Fun!! That throat is enviable, indeed. :D

  2. Holy cow Linda! That's super exciting!