Friday, August 17, 2012

More Team Basting


You might recall from this post that my living room, with its large expanse of open floor, is Basting Central Command for the members of my quilt guild.

Last night Jackie brought over a new quilt top for us to pin baste.  It's a beauty!

Wow!  That's 546 tumbler blocks of Halloween fabrics!

Halloween is Jackie's favorite holiday, and she's been collecting Halloween fabrics for YEARS.

RESERVED FOR DIANE Baby Girl Crib Quilt Bright Colors
She said she had been inspired by my tumbler block baby quilts (like this one pictured) and thought it would be a great setting for her Halloween quilt.

The big difference:  I have an Accuquilt Go cutter with the tumbler block die, which makes these blocks super quick and easy (it's one of my favorite dies!).  Jackie doesn't own an Accuquilt, so she did hers The Awesome Way:  a plastic template, a pencil, and a pair of scissors.  546 times.

   So not only was this a fun quilt to baste, it was a fast job with five of us working on it.  I think we were done basting this oversized queen size quilt in about 30 minutes.

There's the back of the quilt, also really beautiful!

With the labor of the evening quickly dispensed with, we had plenty of time for the other regularly scheduled event of quilt guild meetings:

tea and cake!

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