Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stocking Up, Part 2

I mentioned about a month ago in this post that I'm trying to stock up for the upcoming market season, and make as much as I can now, while I have the time off from orchestra work.  Market Season and the orchestra season begin within one week of each other in early October. My goal is to be well prepared for both!
I'm mass producing things that I can be pretty certain I'm going to need:

 A big hit from last market season was the lanyard I.D. holder.  These are a great way to use up extra bindings strips from quilts and other miscellaneous scraps.

I'm always looking for ways to streamline my production process.  A BIG time saver on these is to  hot glue the yo-yos on, rather than sewing them on.  They look better and are more durable too.  (Just don't tell the Sewing Police.)

Another popular item from the past 2 holiday seasons has been the selvage ornaments.

The little button embellishments on these are glued on, too.

To display the ornaments at holiday markets and shows, I hang them from a little table top sized tree. Here's a picture from an indoor show that I did last December.

And I've started a new project that I've been wanting to try for months.  I found a tutorial way back in
December for embellished dish towels that I thought would be fantastic addition to my market inventory, as well as a lovely item to make for gifts.  I mean, everyone needs dish towels, right?

 My husband and I were in Ikea over the weekend, and I bought a stack of different dish towels.  These feel like the correct weight and texture for embellishment-- nice and heavy.  I washed them first to take care of any possible shrinkage issues.

I had some leftover applique pieces from another project that I used for this set of gray towels. I like how bits from Amy Butler's "Soul Blossoms" collection look against the gray background.

  As usual, I did fusible applique with a narrow zig zag stitch around the edges.

Ikea sells all of their towels in pairs or sometimes in groups of 4.  I plan on selling these singly, but if the same towels look nice together, I'm hoping that people will be more tempted to buy multiples.

As with all new items, I can only create them, put them out on display, and cross my fingers!

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